A destroyed winter city (and a bunch of other shite)


Quite ‘generic’e’, most where tests of how much I could rape the image with filters (IE’ the second image)

Sorry if your internet is slow, images are 1MB+ :smug:





But sir Thomo I hear you ask, why are you images logically incorrect, a combine with a STG44, water tower in a city? My answer is, it doesn’t have to be correct.

digging dem combines with mp44s

Nice pics you got there.
I like all of them.

The Cps with STG44 is sexy.

I don’t care STG sounds better :v:

Media’d the other 3, annoyed me with refreshing.

Don’t media tag the last one, that posing right there is godly.

very nice

Dude are you a furry? Your avatar makes you look like one. Disgusting

It’s hot. :v: Nice pics.

I like them, Good work Thomo.

Fuckin Nazi Combines.

Posing is great and the first picture is awesome.

Well you definitely did go a bit rampant on the filters, especially in the second one like you warned.

They’re all decent though, at the very least.

Wooden-stocked weapons don’t fit into the HL2 universe IMHO.

Good posing, too.

damn fine pics

Though I don’t think much of your filter use, you’ve done an excellent job with the posing.

Ty buds, much love.