a dey in teh lief of SALMEX


I was looking at the sky.

What a nice sun today.

needs more SHEF and bevel.

2/5 Try Harder mate.

what about personal skins and filters and everything else you hate

hmm yes.

personal skins make you look like a douchebag for some reason



Yeah, they do

yes i am the king

I shouldn’t have looked closer. :frowning:

Gotta love these butthurt 12 year old kids and their flamewars. Especially the ones where they put so much effort on it that they make comics about it.

The blood effects sucks, try to darken it and have it less as solid mass. Oh, and add some sound on it.

Why is there nobody driving the car? How could it of turned with nobody in there? Blood looks bad and… just no

Nice blur in the back but, its kinda of dumb, add more detail.

Wait wait…
Did he create a comic to kill a facepunch member?