A diary of a rust gamer

Day 1:

I just finished Begging for a rust key
I Named Myself XxNoobbxXSlayerzzZZzXX4LifeXX. I made a Badass fort with a ton of walls a door and a sleeping bag

Day 2 A man Named XxXxGamerxXKidss427Xx Faded through my wall Killed me with his axe and teabagged my dead body. I spawned back at my sleeping bag. Him and his Friend XxXTobuscusFanXxX repentantly killed me a total of 13 times. At that moment I realized I would have to restart.

Day 3: I restarted By joining a guy named XxXXModderererXxKinGzXXx I had met in-game. We started talking on skype. We built a small house together and at that moment we were friends forever.

Day 4: Turns out that XxXXModderererXxKinGzXXx Was a giant dick. For a short moment I went afk. He then killed me, exited the call on skype,and Took all of our loot.

Day 5: Hackers Took over the day. Mostly I just ran away from speed hackers I was killed a total of 153 times that day.

Day 6: I just killed this guy with my Axe. I thought he was a fresh spawn so I went in. Turns out he wasn’t a noob at all He all this amazing loot. He had around 11 Axes! Just imagine how hard it was for him to craft them all. I still kinda feel bad he seemed pretty friendly

Day 7 I got raided. I am Fucking done with this game.******* The End!

I would like a key but i don’t how to get one please, can anyone tell me? I heard that you buy upgrades and tell Garry Newman that you want a key and he gives you one, but thats not the case because the only upgrades you buy is to change you name or change your title, or to change someone elses title.

so can i have your account? i know people who would love a chance to play this game

You know this counts as begging, right?

haha that is so perfect. More people should write their experiences cause its actually good for the designers and funny for the rest. May I ask how/ where did you get your key?

He probably got his key when keys were being given out to the public by Garry.

lol suck your Dick for a key xD now thats begging i cant get the D so i cant get the Key.

Day 4 makes me sad :frowning: