A different and weird problem of pink/black textures, please help!

Hi all!

I was making a script that uses some custom textures. Clients download them perfectly, and all was working as expected, textures were NOT pink/black.

So everything worked, until I decided to clean my game by deleting my garrysmod folder and let it rebuild next time I start the game. I started my server, started my game, joined my server, where I obviously redownloaded those textures, as expected. But now, where I should see those textures, I see pink/black texture…

I have no “missing textures” error, and I’m sure the files were downloaded correctly and placed in the correct folder, under “materials/mytextures”. My script doesn’t output errors, and as said, everything was working perfectly before I deleted my garrysmod folder.

Restarting gmod did not fix it, nor restarting whole pc…

Please help I don’t know what else I can try. I am not really new to Gmod, but I never had this kind of problem before! I know how to fix the classic pink/black missing textures, but this time I can’t!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just replying to tell that I’ve fixed it!

Before deleting my gmod folder, I had moved those vmt and vtf in another folder, but I simply forgot to update .vmt basetexture key! So they didn’t point at the right folder…

I hope it will helpful to someone else with the same problem.