A different style of machinima

So yeah for a few weeks i’ve been looking into a certain style of machinima, the whole video is consist of screenshots, and all those screenshots are animated. This changes a lot because now almost everything is done in editing and almost nothing ingame. (except the posing) But this new method does allow the creator to use a lot of detail and real pictures with the machinima part. This looks more like a animated comic.

This is a quick test/example i’ve made. (Took 45 minutes to render…)

A longer example (not made by me)

I’m planning to make a ~5-8 minute machinima eventually, but before I do (since this type of machinima requires a lot of work) I want some opinions about this style.

I am intrigued.

I’m interested in seeing how you communicate a story with this style and wish you the best of luck with it.

Seems like it would be better for something like a game trailer rather then a story telling medium.

Thanks guys, also a nice bonus:

the original picture

This is interesting. You should post a simple example of a quick sequence in chronological order, like a conversation between two people. It’d be a more convincing example.

This is similar to how the history channel makes their documentaries when all they have to work with is pictures. It’s an interesting form of animation, I’ll give you that, but since there is video recording for gmod, I don’t see this going beyond stylized niche videos.

So, it’s kind of like a motion-comic then?

This is really sexy.

DMGaina did a few videos using this style, it’s a pretty cool way of doing machinimas and gmod is perfect for it.