A different texture error

Well, I’ve been playing, and you know how some textures come out purple and black? Well same happens to me with a few player models, BUT the texture is clearly there at the same time. Like, you can see the texture, and the purple and black overlaying it. Yet for others, it works normaly. Sometimes, it only happens to sections. And I’ve been wondering what’s wrong. It’s not exactly the same as other texture problems, and it used to work before I comepletely cleaned my garry’s mod due to a lua virus. So why don’t it work now?

As you can see, I have a problem.


But only for some models…


Or for sections of models.


That’s pretty nutty. You sure you reinstalled the addon correctly?

Yes. I did everything I did last time. I even tried backtracking to when I first got the model last time, same thing.