A Different Type of Server

I know people have started endless threads on this. I see people asking for more PvP or PvE servers. I can agree, yes, this would be a great addition. But, I wish to start something else.

I suggest that we have the base servers we have now. Only on the very next update, or at Garry’s nearest convenience, that there be TEST servers, meaning everyone who is willing to test out the game, rather than “play” the game, like what I’m seeing commonly.

If that makes any sense at all, congratulations! You understood me! (bashing myself, not everyone else.) That’s hard to do sometimes. But, what I mean is I see people playing this game like it’s already finished. There’s quite a bit of drama that I wouldn’t expect from a game in Alpha. I’d like to voice my opinion further on that notion, but I have a sense of decency regarding how I portray myself online to others. I would end up getting smacked by the banhammer for excessive swearing and rambling until the end of time.

I can see the “Test” server as a casual, laid back experience. Maybe the similar to the servers we have now, but on a smaller scale and with less of the “0mG geiv me my M4 and 3 wood Bahk plz” typical jargon of the publics… Perhaps for this Test server, you could only join if you had a password. In order to obtain this password, you have to make a personal appeal to the developers, stating that you will take this testing seriously, and as to why you should be accepted. I can see a lot of maturity in this program.

Mayhap I’m insane. However, I find it a good idea, and if others agree, Cool! Leave some thoughts guys, I can’t be the only one who finds this a good idea. If not, calmly rage on another thread.

Insanly logic idea :D, nah seriously it is a smart one.
I am sure it would do a huge leap to the dev team; so they could actually have a proper server with ofc ‘‘proper’’ testers and a strong communication between them.
There are lots of dedicated fans/peeps who would seriously help for that matter
It should absolutly work.

Again nice thinkin’, cheers!

I think this is a great idea. :smiley:

Shouldnt the point of a test server be the dev telling player what to do and also mess about to break the game so they they can fix any problems that would not normally come up.