A discovery in the snow.

Thread music (thanks to Haxxer)


Credits to Haxxer for editing most of it and making it look nice.


thats sick

Really good man, well done.

That’s awesome.

And so far, Rossum hasn’t pointed out that the tail rotor isn’t blurred.
Nice pic. It’s very nice.

Oh, and the tail rotor isn’t blurred.

When I saw the ship, I was thinking the side was going to say “Borealis” but it’s still an amazing picture.

Nice! Is it a scene-build or is that how the map is?



It’s a scenebuild.

I’ve had the map lying around unfinished for ages and lacked the willpower to finish it, but i needed a ship map so i dug it out of my big folder full of unfinished shit to use.

Scenebuilding with it really helped me though, since now i know what i can add to it to improve it.

A big iced-over icebreaker, left derelict and icelocked? Absolutely. I can’t think of a better way to improve an Arctic/Antarctic map.

This absolutely fucking owns, regardless of the tail rotor.