A discussion on Early Access

TB just released this video what’s your take on the discussion?

Great video, i wish majority of the brainless idiots who spam “it’s alpha” would watch this and learn something from it.

And I wish the majority of brainless idiots who spam things which are rightfully covered by “it’s an alpha” would watch this and learn something from it.

rightfully covered? Rust is in a far worse stat now then it was back in the webplayer days, now you respond with “more people = more problems”.
Stick your early access up your arse mate, the whole mentality behind pay to play alpha is just going down the toilet, welcome to 2014, please enjoy the fact people are slowly coming around.

Nothing to learn from this video for me, i for one know that early access is just fluff for being exploited to make the dev’s rich, nothing more.

“WAH! Where is my finished game, I wanted a finished game!11!!”

That’s the sort of thing which is rightfully covered by an “it’s an alpha”. Yet I see people post things like that over and over again. Fair criticism is different then just whining about how they didn’t take the time to check the product out. Should steam take steps to differentiate early access games more? Yes. Should the game developer expect to follow through with their product? Yes.

Should players be able to blame the developer for things which are often either out of their control, or to things which should clearly fall into alpha problems? No.


Where did I say that?

It is not going anywhere. It will certainly becoming something that people will become more aware of, and be more careful investing into, but it is here to stay. Quite frankly, it is a great idea for small companies who may or may not have the capital to pursue large endeavors. The problem is, the wrong sort of people are buying into it, hence why you hear “it is an alpha” repeated so much.