A distraught guard mourning the loss of his partner

sorry for the bad hand pose, im new to this.


This is my first try at posing/using dof or dov or whatever you call it/editing

C&C please, i know really like to know where to improve (besides the hand pose)

It looks like he is raping the dead body, but Its nice for a first pose, but I think that combine is a necrophiliac

he is going to beat on the chest of his fallen partner in anger and exasperation


what do you mean?, bad posing or just the scene?

I tought Combines were not human anymore therefor they didnt had any emotions… but is your pic.

Needs more focus and better lights so we can tell whats going on.

whats ups up with his hand its all bent

The posing is really odd, it is very hard to see what is even going on. Also use Super DOF not just regular DOF and make sure to hit “render” before taking the picture.

oh its your first pose well then ill rate it 5/10

weird posing

i did use super dof and i hit render, i didnt notice the hand pose till it was already here

For a first, it’s really nice.

Work on the posing and camera angles in future, though.
Good use of DOF, and good use of not using the HL2 blood. :v:

Rated artistic.

thank you!

rated heart


also if you notice, i tried [sp](and failed)[/sp] at texturing, look at the alive combine’s vest and his pants leg

Hmmm, it seems very radial for Super DoF. Well just keep at it and you will be doing works of art in no time.