A diver pulling a unsuspectinig guard in


Tell me, what do YOU think the russian was saying before he got pulled.

“Damn EACs”

I know what the diver said…

“Fish outta water!”

Something like “Proud mother RussiaaaaAARRGH”.

“Ah I love life. Supporting my loving wife, four kids and a fifth one on the way, and two precious dogs, isn’t easy, but it’s all rewarding in the end. This being my last day, I hope it ends wel-AAAGGHUGH!”

You went and ruined it all. Now I feel bad:bang:


*Ignore my spelling error in the title :c

“I think I forgot my assault rifle–”

Where the fuck is my team?!?!

The splash looks kinda copy-pasted, it should blend more with the diver, and diver’s shoulder looks pretty weird.

And I cant think of anything funny for the soldier to say :frowning:

I didn’t know how to blend it, you should really teach me on that one :frowning:

Not bad, I like it!


Have a pallet!


Well, what I do, is just add shadows around the water drops and try errasing the splash a little bit at the top so it doesnt look so white.

Also try looking for High-res splashes (I know they might be fucking hard to find for big pictures).


Erase a little, add fitting shadows around the splash and the soldier(So the splash gets the colors and shadows of the soldier)

His foot’s clipping. :V

Guard: Wow, Bill is an idiot, why the hell would he bet a few hundred dollars that somebody would pull me into the water?

Diver grabs guard

Diver: Because I am Bill!!

Ha!, That’s comedy right there! ^

Rated funny :buddy:

“Every goddamn time I am taking a piss”