A doctor deals with the death of another patient

Not my usual thing but it was good experimentation.

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Yeah the isolation is sketchy and I forgot to facepose the dead soldier.

Huh, very uhh, different from the norm. It’s alright, but I wouldn’t expect a lot out of it.

Posing is solid. Soldier needs to be faceposed, but I see that you’ve acknowledged that. And the editing looks alright.

Nice posing, I like the liquid in the syringe, with bubbles and shit, mmm

a bit too much contrast/too colorfull

Needs more blooooooooood.

the lack of face posing on the soldier somehow destroys the atmosphere and the way how the medic throws his bonesaw away looks wrong. the needle gun also clips into the ground a bit and the medics shadow looks cut off, but thats just nit picking. I like the dof and the rest of the posing, especially of the heavy.

It would seem i’ve pushed you in the direction of tf2 poses, sweet :slight_smile:

i dont like the posing on the medic
and i see your going to a more of a tf2 direction with your poses now, as GB said

sorry fixed it

I must be blind, i don’t see a scout

ha. the soldier has heavys face. good work, thats just a thing i saw… no biggie

I was like “Hey, a new ChestyMcGee picture, those are always nice to look at!”

Then I serious’d

I was like “urgh I don’t really care for TF2 pictures”.

Then I nostalgia’d.

I was like… uh, what the hell?
Then I looked at the thread’s date.

There are some strange shadows, but I doubt that’s fixable.

The pose is nice but I think it’s weird how he has his arm out to drop the saw.

I think the face of the dead guy ruins it a bit/