A Doctor's Office (Red Medic)

** Ohhh Wilkommen to mein Office! Please! Take a seat on the bed while I prepare. **

How many Sawblades are there?
How many Leg Giblets can be seen?
Which of the BLU team mates are missing?
Can you count the hooks?
How many skulls can you see?

EDIT: slightly fiddled with the display.

lol I lol’d and AAAHH’d at this picture. I do need a physical so do you mind getting me an appointment?

I see the Scout’s mom!
Also, I’m going to guess that the Heavy is the one missing?

Haha, I loled IRL at this one,good job. I love all your TF2 pics

Your German is terrible XD. (though, the Medic does speak a sort of broken English, so I suppose it makes sense)

Anyway, this made me laugh. Plus, holy shit, you actually used TF2 blood. That alone is something to be impressed by.

Also, the dog makes me wish someone would make a Guard Dog model.

Now with a heavy!!!

Somehow reminds me of Bioshock.

“It’s time to get your ADAM dose hier…”

one thing the blood on his arm stops at a certain point you could of edited it on :smiley:

Great scene man!

Great idea. Love the picture.

That place is a wee messy.

Hilarious, this made my day.

The Heavy is in the top right corner, hanged on a rope. The missing classES ARE the Sniper and the Soldier.

I wonder what he keeps in the refrigerator.