A Door Is Closed A Window Is Opened:Announcement


Thanks to all who viewed, but the series has flaws, the new series won’t have flaws and will appeal to all areas of the entertainment spectrum.
The voice actor captain comedy has quit by default of inactivity and giving up on the series, he had 5 months to do 41 lines but failed to do so, with out his talent the feeling of rainy days would be lost so I rather end it then ruin the idea.
Favorite and watch and make sure the idea of rainy days dosn’t die, links to the episodes and parody that where made at the end of the video.

The last episode script i will post so the people who wanted to know what was planned and for who follow the story and just general.
The script format is his line, then a annotation of how he is so post to do the line, IE tone of voice and emotion in the voice.

Its been a hell of a run, but no lines from captain after 4 months, and I know a lot of you guys watched the series and wanted more, so I posted this so their can be some closure to the series.

Older episodes




So this is where the Englishman, Frenchman and a war comes in right?


no, they are not connected story wise if thats what you mean.
They replace the void that cancellation of this series caused in my channel.

such a shame that the voice actor been slacking off.

Yeah that’s what I meant, sorry

I’m a bit glad you stopped. I feared you’d kill yourself from all the sedistic psychopathic thinking :slight_smile:

I stopped 2 months ago trying to make this work, but never made it official, people still want me to make it so i made this to make it official.
I love to carry on the idea, or see the idea goes on, so I posted ep3’s script, so if someone wants to pick it up, be it the DBS or anyone who wants to, feel free.