a door owning system for my gamemode

i’ve tried figuring it out, but i’ve been having no luck in actual managing to make one. could someone help? i’ll credit the door system to you…

have you tried using DarkRP?
it has a door owning system in there.
if not just search around or wait for an answer.
sorry if this wan’t good enough, i’m just not good at Lua yet.

Tell us more about the gamemode and the door system. What do you need it to do?

well the gamemode is just another rp gamemode, with it’s own menu and item buying system.
i just need help making a door system that lets people own, name, lock, and unlock doors. mabye a bit of help with making it display who owns it and it’s name when you look at it. (i’ve never been good at that 23d.cam stuff)
if you cant help or don’t want to, or i’m being too vague i could probably figure it out from cakescript.

You can maybe copy the code for the door owning stystem in DarkRP and then incorporate it into yours.
Then you could just modify it a little bit.

the dark rp door owning system is quite complicated.

Well if you are not very talented in Lua, yes it is quite complicated, but if you know a lot of Lua then it is pretty easy, it reads like your native language on paper.