A doubt weapons add

A doubt Silencer
1- the muffler reduces the damage of all weapons or just AK?
2- it decreases the damage of shotgun or bolt?
3- it decreases the damage, what the advantage to use?
4-Decrease Bullet distance?
could decrease the damage only to body shots or just AK.

Weapon Lasersight
1 - It is best to use or not? there any drawbacks to use?
the old rust (legacy) it decreases the accuracy and left the bad sight

the best thing to do is go in a battlefield server and test stuff out for yourself, but from my experience:

silencers: only use them at night and take them off if the enemy knows where you are.
the damage reduction is not worth it if you have no element of stealth.

lasersight: i believe that the recoil reduction is decent, but it is only with hip fire (from my knowledge), and it isnt worth it to give away your position to the enemy / where you are aiming at (which is just my preference)

honestly the only attachments id use are the holosight, 4x, or flashlight and maybe the silencer during nighttime stuff

Silencer is utterly worthless in my opinion because of the damage reduction, you’d be better off without it and at least getting a kill with that headshot. Laser sight is pretty good on high recoil weapons like the AK-47 and the M249, and remember you can toggle it on/off. But the laser sight and the 4x scope are the only attachments worth using. Can’t see the red holo sight very well on my screen, but the sights are good enough as they are already.

the silencer has it’s place; it’s not always the person you are shooting you need to worry about. gunfire is a signal to other players that there is a fight going on, and fights tend to mean loot and injured players.

Well, its either going to be your gunshots or your opponents gun shots that others will hear anyway, so why prolong a gun fight by adding an attachment that reduces your chance for a quick kill, especially now since bleed has been nerfed? Get in, kill the guy quick, get out.

if the silencer reduces the damage to only a specific part of the body I would use

Silencers are a useful in certain situations. Its not always about the damage you do instantly sometimes people will have trouble to identify youre spot if you do right,

2 days ago i killed someone between a rock formation and he did shoot back but died 2secs later, his friend came to kill me i tapped him about 4 times till he knew where i was.

without an silencer he`d instantly knew where i was sitting.


Whereas you probably could have killed him with 1-2 shots to the head. Its pretty much about the damage, for example, if you equip a silencer on a bolt action, you increase the amount of hits/headshots (if he has a helmet of some type) needed to kill him giving him more time to run away behind cover. If the guy was simply jumping around in the same general area trying to aim toward you, then he was an idiot for doing so. I got my aim down pretty well when it comes to the first shot so that I can clear the area out reasonably well, but extended firefights are a nightmare.

silencer is too weak.
lasersight seems like a reasonable attachment, 20% recoil reduction. seeing it farily often on rustopia on AKs.

that’s my point though. 1v1 with the chance of being noticed would mean it’s worth gunning him in the head with a silenced gun before he can get a shot off.

but if there is less chance of killing the player before they get a shot off, or less chance of being heard then you wouldn’t bother with a silencer.

The only scenario you describe is just that though, a 1v1 assuming the guy has no head armor. Quite frankly, that is the only time a silencer would have any valid consideration in my opinion. That is the reason why I don’t bother with the silencer.

i used to roam with a silenced shotty in legacy. it’s value will be different for everyone; my point is that it has it’s uses;)