A Drilldo.

It’s pretty much a dildo on a drill and you can kill stuff with it.

Garrysmod.org mirror:
(Just stick it in your addons folder)

Here’s a video of it in action:





Everything by me.

Wow, that was fast!

That’s a really gross looking dildo.

Except for the idea, which is by me.

But as said before, it’s well done. Congratulations.

Okay, not one of the usual SWEPs I see around.

D: what have you done?!

Your video needs a preloader.

:sax:poses HERE WE CUM!

This is the most disgusting, random, hilarious, and… dare I say it… innovative SWEPs I have EVER seen.

All I can say is :lol::lol::lol:

You got my download :v:


Any chance for a drill SWEP without the dildo?

So I can relive killing people with the drill like I did in Bad Company. Good times.

Hope so :D!


Dammit I’m trying to find a clean site to surf for now and then there’s a goddamn drilldo!


Not as cute as your avatar though.

Still, this is a bad-ass sweep. We need more stuff like this in garrysmod.

Did he mispell “come”, that way deliberately? :o

I’m gonna raise admin hell on players with this SWEP, mighty perverted admin abuse…HERE I COME!

In the mean time, have a LUA King. Now we need a dildo cannon. :q:

Video? :q:

also stick it in your addons folder :q: