A Drivable Vehicle Request?

Could someone please make a drivable van, let me see the picture of it when’s it done, and give me the download link for it too please? Thanks.

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I am not in any way trying to sound like an jerk, but if you wish to see better thread results on this section please consider the following:

1. Be sure to go a little bit into depth with writing about what you are requesting. It makes things a whole lot easier for others to respond back to/think about.

2. Always have realistic expectations. Not every astronomically large (or small) request may be picked up - due to perhaps others’ lack of time or disinterest for modeling/skinning. Otherwise, keep ideas in a reasonable light.

3. Specify any peculiar qualities or characteristics of a proposed model/skin.

4. Always provide an image with your post. Illustrations are your friend.

5. Be sure to write clearly as much as possible.

6. Optional: Add some ‘zing’ into the thread (aka make your discussion sound interesting - it helps to grab peoples’ attention).

Now, I belive one would be able to model and rig a van for you. Definitely so - depending on how the task should be undertaken, though. But, as mentioned above, you may want to elaborate a little more on what you wish to see on the van. Images related to your idea request will work wonders, too. I hope this helps in any way.

LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Just as Hyper Iguana has already said. Nevermind me, then.

I would like the van to look like the mystery machine from scooby doo. Here’s the link to the image of what the van should look like: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_GIchwvJ-aNk/S4GOTQVVazI/AAAAAAAAOnc/meX2cuM3-tg/s800/Mystery+machine+cartoon+version.jpgould

These vans aren’t like the Mystery Machine but there are 2 vans in my car pack.


Along with 51 other drivable vehicles…

Ok thanks, but could you give me a working download link to your car pack please. Thank

You need to use the SVN. That’s the only way to get it due to constant updates. If you havent used SVN before google tortise svn and download it. There is a tutorial video on how to use it on their site.

Ok thanks.