A dude sitting in a post acopalystic bar while a bandit points a gun at him

I wanted to give it some Mass Effect like dialogue choice wheel but it failed.


Meh, could have been better but posting it anyways, C&C and stuff please.

+Bonus: Some early beta screenshot from a map I’m working on (My first :buddy:)




Might be usefull for posing when I release it or something, so if you want to suggest anything now’s your chance.

it’s when i see stuff like that that i feel like a photoshop noob…

Magnificent, only the rimlighting is kinda making me irritated :V

Blood looks kind of cartoonish and the dude with the gun is bending his left knee too much. The rest is awesome though.

Nice work. The blood looks too viscous and cartoony but the lighting and the dust are really sweet.

Reminds me of those Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns.

he doesn’t look like a bandit, he looks like a 30s g-man.

The atmosphere is really sexy, I’m a fan of the desertish-duskie atmospheres and this one is awesome.

Nice work matey.

Same here man, same here.

Looks fuckin awesome man. I love the lighting and the dust. Posing is solid, but I agree with Chesty on the blood.

wow, thats really awesome, looks very cinematic. Awesome job.
I tried hard, and I only find one thing I dislike about this picture, and that is the man by the bar’s hand. But that’s just preference and not a real fault.

I humbly request a wallpaper version of this

atmosphere is great
but the blood looks bad

i can say that “that’s how you do it”

Fucking hell, am I impressed or what. I love it :buddy:

I know about the blood, my first try at blood pools so I expected it to be bad.
Thanks for the C&C though everybody :buddy:

It’s fantastic cool

it’s very nice, but you could spent… no it’s great without a doubt


Holy… This is just amazing! Although i say the focus should show less blur on the guy in the front a bit.