A Dupe bug proof:

i dont know who did it but look:

this place is near the factory.

i dont know who did that.

Is this the thread who was blocked but now its open???

Are those links legit or going to somewere else we better dont click?

You already made this thread and it was locked.

Legit - screenSHU - The fastest screen capture ever.

Seems like somebody has found a glitch which he won’t reveal because he’s greedy or something.

Or hopefully he has contacted a dev about it.

Looks like a visual bug to me.

alot of people are duping and its becoming retarded… needs a wipe after the duping bug is fixed

and the people that are duping should be banned…

They should be banned because they don’t tell the devs about the bugs. I’ve checked git and I’ve seen no reports on it.

Visual bugs don’t do this. You can see they’re player-placed.

Actually it has been reported already. https://github.com/Facepunch/rust-issues/issues/390 I don’t really have 100% info because I haven’t tried it myself but that’s what people are saying.

A report without information is pretty much useless, sure it raises awareness but it’ll be hard to fix.

You are forgetting the fact that the bugs are public and can be seen by anyone, and that fixing bugs is not instant. People could just take a peak at the bug page, read it and abuse the bug before it’s fixed.

People who abuse it for the sake of abusing it, and not testing it and everything about it- Are not vital or wanted testers, and shouldn’t have access to an account.