A Face Punch soldier and a heavy weapon's guy have a hand shake

I know about the red under the arms… deal with it…

it’s alright, i still think you need better angles like i said but it’s pretty good

79 views… Anyone else want to comment?

What the fuck is this?

Facepunch has soldiers?


Metrocop better not shake heavy’s hand.

eh snip

Where the bloody hell did you get the FP soldiers?

Also interesting.

I think he improved the one on the FPvsPHW pack.

Also, the pic is rather boring but well posed.

@Santz, yeah I’m putting a few models together for a updated FP force.

To be honest the posing sucks.

CPs hand looks deflated.
Fingerposing… just… no…
Faceposing… Doesn’t look quite right either.
Some more Bloom would be excellent.

Take a look at the Cp’s hands, they are quite small, and its the perspective(Angle).
The fingerposing is fine, dunno what you rant about.
Faceposing is quite fitting, a little exaggerated but fitting.
Bloom… just… no…

Wow… How many blows has heavy taken to the face? I’m just noticing his teeth are horrible!

Good question, I don’t know.