A failbuild, a depressed drunk, and a Russian wanting to go back to the cold.




title does not lie.

Thought this board could use some honesty. Too many suck ups to Vman and Chesty and some others who shall not be named.

Are you implying that I kiss Vmans and Chestys asses?

I am not implying that you are, you actually give C&C. I am however implying that certain posters do.

Because people like us only get good comments simply because we’re popular.

It can’t possibly be because, oh, i don’t know, our stuff is good.

Your work is good, but let me give you an example, hold on.


He couldn’t even see the picture and he thinks it’s godly because Chesty made it. Classic.

I think this guy is simply upset as he is not able to create works like you guys. Hell some of my work is close to some of the stuff you guys do… and I get just as many comments.

May I give you a tip OP, jpeg_quality 100

I’m not upset. I realize my Gmod pictures are shit because I rarely edit them. I do it as a hobby and not everyones great at their hobby. Wheres the fun in editing a picture for three hours to have maybe fifteen people complement you?

Do you deny that Chesty makes good stuff, and that it would be a proper assumption that the picture he could not see would be good?

Oh wow, I feel kinda sorry for you because you think editing will make your horrible screenshots good.

I think it was Silverhammer that said, “You can photoshop a shit picture, but then it’s just photoshopped shit”

Chesty makes good stuff that I will admit, and it would be a proper assumption…if he wasn’t kissing ass. You can’t say that just because Leonardo da Vinci made a picture it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, now can you? You have to see it to check for yourself. Otherwise it’s just kissing ass.


All my screenshots aren’t horrible. I’ve made a couple decent ones.


I never said photoshop would fix my problems. Also, theres a reason I don’t edit my stuff, read that quote.


If any of you want to continue this debate then please PM me. I’d rather just get feedback on the TF2 pictures if you would please.

Your argument is the most poorly formed load of crap I’ve ever read.

“That guy was being logical but… but… urgh ass kissing.”

He is ass kissing…It’s pretty obvious. It’s pretty solid to me but what do I know. I can’t pose a ragdoll to save my life.


Stop being asses

So basically, you did this to prove that you don’t deliver very good work and that most people on here are asskissers?

I rate you you fridge.

But since there is no fridge rating and i like fridges, i give you dumb. Pretty similiar.

Except fridge is full of nomnom.

Sottalysober you should just post your “art” here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=880439
Or just leave. Yeah, yeah just leave thats a better option.

I’ll dedicate my next picture to you just for this spiteful comment, dick.