A Failed Escape


Very well posed, but I had trouble seeing the water.

I really liked the facial expression and the wreckage with the people in it.

Shouldn’t be there some sort of ripples and reflection? Still good anyway.

is that combine stuck in the truck? hah

You know, it’s summer, midges always clogging into the radiator grille

wow, this owns. like beyond you, deri. fucking great job bro.

shit, that sounded douchy. i mean that it is great.

Very cool Deri. I must say, I remember some of the first stuff you posted here… you’ve come a long way.

Oh well, I dunno bro. Some of my earlier stuff was beautiful.


that is amazing

That shit happens, as soon you turn on sdof. :frowning: It makes me mad! Pics could be even more amazing when this is will be fixed. With sdof turned on, water become a flat piece of shit!
And the pic is pretty good.

I love it, wish the water had some ripples and a reflection though. Love the detail with the glasses in the water.