A failed War


C&C Please!
All in SFM, no post process edit.

did you even pose the fingers?

Yes, I am pretty bad at that though.

I updated the fingers a bit, is it any better?

try to make the fingers as close to the thing they’re holding as possible. It doesn’t matter if the fingertips clip so long as it doesn’t look like one section is enveloped by the item

Lightings a bit off

otherwise seems k m8

You should move the camera down a bit (not tilt down), then zoom in a bit as well.

Cut off more stuff on the right to center the pic, needs more clutter/trash/props on the sidewalks or maybe even hide the sidewalks.

I think the AO should be toned down quite a bit. It almost looks like the characters were photoshopped in because of the darker outlines.

Alright so I updated it with suggestions. Is it better now?

Can you post original and updated?

Zoom in too, and change your camera elevation.

You need to tighten up the angle and add variation to the enemies positioning. That and try sprucing it up with some colour correction.