A familiar-looking Clown Killer standing infront of his Ice Cream van

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Probably gonna get shouted at for using Deathbucket’s editing techniques(He linked me to a tutorial) but here goes


If you were recently born you prolly have no idea who sweet tooth is, well i can’t explain how awesome he is.

I was born 17 years ago tomorrow and I have no idea who this “Sweet Tooth” is.

/birthday advertising

Cool rim lighting.

Is that the killer from Tranquility Lane?

No. it’s Sweet Tooth from Twisted metal

Nice one XD

Wow, Kia nice editing and posing, I think it’s your best pic so far :smile:

Looks nothing like Sweet Tooth, tbh. If you hadn’t mentioned him there would be no way of linking him to the picture.

Sweet Tooth is awesome, that clown mask is not. Anyways, as you probably noticed yourself, the dynamic shadows look pretty bad on the mask. Posing is on par, though there isn’t much to say, as it’s just a guy standing infront of a van and a burning tank (supposed to be warthog?).

I thought the same thing.

I love that game.
good pose.

Needs a flaming hair-do.

Damn. Remember me a lot of things.

I tried to do the fire but it didn’t work.

I always imagine his car, not the clown himself, when SweetTooth is mentioned.

God, the old days were awesome, hot multiplayer car smashin action

It’s okay.

You could have done the original green haired Sweet Tooth.

He wasn’t a murderer then,(Until the actual tm contest) he was just insane.

that’s sweettooth

cool picture regardless

Well actually, as far as I’m aware, he was mass murderer, convicted, and sent into an asylum because he was insane.

That was TM:Black.