A Fancy Duel..

…Oh man, I was gonna make something awesome then I got lazy. (:


(Smaller Version)

what’s with the blur on half the picture?

I really like that stitch. <3

I honestly lost all interest in this picture for whatever reason. Since I already didn’t texture the people sitting at the tables I didn’t want like 3 or 4 guys wearing the exact same suit so I blurred it a bit. (They’re actually a little bit farther back on the map anyway but probably not enough to deserve a blur based on distance alone)

Hope it doesn’t ruin it! :frown:

Thank you… headshotter? bubbagamer? what?! >>;

I am the spirit of the regretted headshotter, KIA 2 days ago.

I chuckled at Fancy Nick’s expression.

I love the expressions and the stitch.

Thank you guys! I wasn’t sure if Nick’s eyes were looking too far over or not but I’m glad it looks okay! (: