A faster way to compile?

There is not much to describe so I’ll try and keep this short and simple, sorry if it confuses any of you. :v:

Basically, my compile times are fucking long. That’s about it. Even for most simple shit. It is especially long if I include ANY light source, though I guess that is a factor. For example:

Map without light_environment, mediocre and such: about a minute or under
Map with light_environment, mediocre and such: I don’t even know, because it takes so long that by the end of the day the compile has reached 4… on the Vrad part. And, it seriously destroys my PC by using up alot of my RAM.

Is this purely because of lights, or is it something else? I try to optimize as much as I can, basically starting with nodraw textures and texturing the areas I don’t see (this excludes train tracks because it just takes way too long to actually nodraw that)

func_detail complex brushwork that does not block the players view (such as counters). Ensure the skybox is tight around your map.

You see with func_detail I’m not entirely sure where I should be using it, so, I pretty much never do.

Would tracks be a wise idea to do this for?

Yes. Tracks, brush based trains, details, counters, tables, stuff like that.

Basically you should func_detail anything that doesn’t very significantly obstruct obstruct your view.

Read the good candidates part.

Actually read all of it.

Very useful. I will keep this in mind for next time. Hopefully this will speed up my compile times and allow me to finish something.

propper is an amazing thing to have, you can make very miniscule objects that might look amazing but as brushes just destroy vvis you should propper those.

Thousanth post! woots

This is dumb, but I also suggest using VBCT. I don’t really know if it ACTUALLY would make it compile faster, but this way it at least doesn’t go, “Not responding…” forever. It mentally seems faster to me, just because I can see progress.

About getting it all to compile faster though, make sure (if you do use VBCT), run it on a fast build if you’re just testing. That’s how I do it, at least. Then toward the end of development start working on lighting.

You know I am a great supporter of Propper. My only problem is that old versions stopped working, and a few months ago the Beta Propper was too confusing for me to figure out. Before it was just a matter of placing a propper_entity or something in the map, changing settings to your preference, and then compiling.

I can’t figure out the new propper so I gave up.

I must say, that batch compiler is actually very useful.

I love it, it makes it so you can compile and work at the same time. :v:

It actually compiles for me. Turns out VRAD, despite having no light sources in my map, will still make the compile times 99999x longer than it should do.

Hmm… that makes no sense then.