a father uncertain of his daughter's death, he enters limbo


I’m not sure about this one, really. :v:

Anyone have a say in this?

Nice. I’d love to see more surreal shots like this…

Zoey’s facial expression is weird…

zoey’s pose really ruins it. she looks like she’s taking the piss.

i take it you enjoyed korsakovia as well?

no i just downloaded the paranoid map from toybox

oh, pity. korsakovia owned.

looks like a mindfuck, im going to go download it

yeah it rules


oh also this picture would be REALLY awesome if you did some kind of, like, selective coloring and super sharpen in specific areas etc to do artistic emphasis on certain things such as the father, floors and zoey



temporarily jackin dis thread, is now the DISCUSS AWESOME EXPERIMENTAL MODS thread

you seen robert briscoe’s work on the ground-up rebuild of dear esther’s levels? fucking gorgeous. i hope to christ they work in gmod - i’m going to make falklands war poses like they’re going out of style (well, sadly, they were never in style).

downloading both of these because i haven’t gotten around to downloading dear esther

yeah, dude. briscoe’s definitely got potential. i’ve never seen a single person produce so much quality off of such a limited engine in such a short amount of time and still carry a grin about it. he’s definitely got some kind of motivation that most people would kill for.


dear esther is good but HONESTLY i would wait on playing it until briscoe’s came out. i can only imagine what it’ll be like playing the new revamped one without playing the first because once you play the original you feel kinda spoled. btw briscoe’s isn’t out yet but don’t shit yourself when it does

this is absolutely genious

I like this picture and if you dont mind I would love to use your idea
some finger posing would be nice and soey does look kinda wierd standing
Beside that Good picture

What idea?

The father being in a limbo that idea

I just took it from the summary of the game, “limbo”.

I see. Still good job on the picture

i shit’d

pic is cool, but like rossmum said zoeys expression is kinda doesn’t fit