A father's last stand. [Last Stand contest entry]


Almost entirely ingame:

Sdof only
Sdof + Color Correction
Sdof + Color Correction + Bloom + Color Mod

And the final result with a tiny bit of photoshop is up there. :v:

Mister. Badass decided his last stand would consist in hugging is daughter before he dies from the wound. Well yeah you can’t say that’s not original. :v:

The blood is a bit excessive.

Holy tits, this is great.

Well, it’s kinda nice.

The zombie on the left is just chillin there like “yoh whatsup dawg”
Great picture.

He had is period?

excessive over done bloom, over done blood…not much i can say then i dont like it


also youre suppose to post it in the contest thread, not make a thread of it

I did. What’s wrong with also making a thread out of it, I’m not the only one doing it. Also hey it’s not like the picture is utterly shitty and shouldn’t ever be posted.


Also excuse me but when someone gets bitten in the artery while having a white suit, that’s what happen, hell there should be even more blood.

Looks bad bad bad bad compared to what you can do.

In fact, it simply looks BAD. Sorry bro :frowning:

Wait, so he got shot in the balls?

Artery, the leg.

He shouldn’t be walking if an artery was hit.