A fear I have about S&box's graphics

I came across this post: Downtown_V2 town centre remake using Source 2. I was really excited, and it made me feel like s&box will have lovely graphics, but then I noticed that it was made for HL:A, and not for S&box. The maps I’ve seen so far for s&box look good, but the assets are no where near the polish and quality you see in HL:A and that downtown remake. What makes mapping for Garry’s mod so good is all of the polished assets from HL2. Facepunch seem to be make their own assets for s&box, instead of taking them from HL:A, and they look good, but not nearly as much as HL:A. It’s understandable, but I fear that it will end up being a bit disappointing if people expect s&box to be like a sandbox HL:A, which is what garry’s mod was to HL2.

On the more positive side, the game will probably be a lot smaller (HL:A takes up ~70gb). Which will open the game to a much wider audience, and probably end up getting more people into mapping. I suppose I just hope the game looks good, and has a ton of nice assets to make maps with, but also keep a relatively small size on disk.


Well, I have just seen the map and looks quite nice. It’s true that maybe isn’t the best (for some people, for my is more than enough), but this is S&box, someone (if isn’t done yet) will port HL:Alyx textures, or the things that they want and you will have the graphics that you want. That’s the best thing of S&box (And Garry’s Mod), everyone can do what they want to the game.

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(Just a note: porting assets you do not own is illegal)

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Agree with javier here. Even if it may not have as much of a graphical beauty that HL:A did, there’ll probably still be some good implementations or mimicking of it in some way. Plus it’s still in development so who knows what will happen, and either way I’m sure a lot of people will be fine with the graphics we may have for it. As much as the community can be worryingly out of control at times.

I agree the game will be smaller which is good, I can imagine s&box being a placeholder and leaving the developers who want high quality assets in their game mode solve the issue by buying them/making their own.

Similar to the Gmodstore/unreal/unity you would have an Asset store, If s&box are wise they will host their own developer asset store and take a cut instead of letting a third party website be the middle man this time around since it happened to gmod it will happen again. Also a great ecosystem for skilled developers or developers that are only good at one thing ( modelling / art ) to contribute to the S&box community whilst having a motivation to earn money. If it’s not moderated though then just like roblox you’ll end up with dupes and shitposts so earning an account to the store would have to be hard.

I haven’t heard anyone speak of this but honestly I hope they add it because quality increases & players are happier, whilst lifting thousands of hours of development time from the S&box team. :doughnut:


s&box is more than one art style, unlike gmod
People will be able to do anything they want in it, say it be cartoon art style or a realistic rp gamemode with realistic explorable maps.