A female hunter

This is a hunter.

This is what it could look like if it was female.

So yea, I’m not sure what the internet rule is where anything male will be made into a female, but this is simply a request my friend wanted to see. I’ll request 2 versions, a non-ladylike version where is basically wearing the same colored clothing of the original hunter, and a “realistic” version, which would have a pinkish hoodie and shorter pants.

I believe rule 63 or 69.

Shotgunguy and HunterDNRC made one, dunno if it’s released though.

She has pink shoes?
This must not be done!
[sp]i like pink[/sp]

And then Bloo will change her into a human,I bet.Cool idea,hope someone will be able to do it.

So… it would look like utter shit?
And a female hunter would need a female hunter soundpack. :v:

I made one already, I just need to redo the arms.

And make it pink.

I’m not saying that’s how I want it to turn out, it’s the only female hunter image where I could get a full body view.

Also, shotgunguy, can I get an image of what you have so far?

There is a female smoker in the works over at FPSB If I recall correctly.

I know you’re gonna need that too



Placeholder textures:

Placeholder textures ingame.

Half-Dead’s reskin:

The images are not working for me, damn.

Oh fucking hell, filesmelt decided to be a shit again.


Shotgunguy, i’ve never heard of you before, and now you pop in my scan range, spewing amazing textures and better than decent models around FP. I gotta spend a moment of silence to a benefactor like you. So called, i would like to thank OUR BENEFACTORS.

But straight to business, can this be used in L4D1 as a Hunter replacement perhaps?

Oh fuck those are awesome!

what :geno:

I think it’s trying to explain its state of over-joy to you.
Either that or it wants to hump your leg.
Not sure.
Might there be a DL soon?

yeah that model is pretty awesome, but it needs more tits. really

The pornographic version can wait until this gets released!

To make her look more feminine, add more hips and maybe increase a little her tits, maybe changing her shoes to some more light/small too.

Some hair coming out of the hoodie would look fine too.