A female terminator shooting up the street

I bet some of you expected nudity :v:

Inspired by Rastifan’s stuff. I had to draw the skull because of the lack of good endoskeleton models.


Da guns massive because Zoey so tiny.

And how is the flesh ripped like that from small arms fire? I’ve got no idea. Or who knows, maybe they have a .50 cal machine gun loaded with frag rounds somewhere. :iiam:

Nice! Would’ve looked more badass with a lasercannon on her left arm, however >;D.

Nice editing, per usual.

Holy fucking shit.

Amazing edit.

So that means Terminators can make babies?

Nice job Joazzz.

baby factory


Holy. She is pretty banged up. Really nice. Love the hair especially.
You made good use of the model:smile:

VERY cool. A lot of little errors but it is easy to see the effort.

Once again, i applaud how you are doing new things, i am so very fucking glad you took my advice, this stuff you are coming out with is amazing. Keep it up!

This is great

Holy fu.
I come into this section after a long break, and I see this.
amazing editing there :slight_smile:

okay this is awesome. The area around the right eye could use a bit more work (skin going directly into metal) but it doesn’t change the fact that this is awesome.


Also noticed there’s floating blood in the hole on the chest.

Thanks for pointing out. Fixed those now.

Prop resizer

Pic is cool. I see the tiny strip of flesh with the nipple attached just barely managed to stay attached :quagmire:

holy shizz


The Picture is nice anyway.

Wow, thats hella cool. The detail and posing is fantastic.

Terminators can take multiple hits from armour piercing grenades. .50 cal frag rounds wouldn’t probably do a shit. Maybe they could damage the earlier models, but not the Series 800.

Needs something but i don’t know what, nice job none the less.

I spy a nipple.

Anyways, very lovely pic.

Nice edid on the face - though I still can see some floating blood in the chest wound and around the legs mostly.
Really if you still can, try locking the blood to the skin layer. Last thing that makes it look a bit odd.

This is disgusting! :saddowns:
In a good way.