A feral ghoul having a little snack.


Looks yummy.

Pretty good, could use some antialiasing to make it blend better though.

thanks, i’m sorta new so all i really know is how to slap son color mod, bloom, and simple DOF.

I also have no photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit this reminds me, I forgot to feed Dogmeat! D:

haha and this is what he’s forced to eat since you didnt feed him? Don’t worry it’s scrumdiddlyumptious

“om nom nom” A little heavy on the bloom but good pose.


You have to feed that thing? I just keep him locked up in my ten penny tower suite… Damn it, if i’m missing any of my food up their.

Naw you don’t need to feed him. I have the VAULT Theme what about you? The only hose you can have is in Megaton isn’t it?

No, if you blow up megaton then you get a suite at the top floor in ten penny tower, free of charge, just like a house but slightly smaller… and with a balcony.

0.0 I need to find that place! D:

Would be better if the texture on the dead person wasn’t so low res, but that’s not your fault.

No, I have two, one hose shoots in all directions… and one is quite accurate :ninja:

Yummy yummy :v:

nice one

well my computer is a bit old, so i cant do much in the way of graphics. I’ll see if i can work on the bloom though

Nom nom nom.

and YOU TOO can learn this and thousands of other ways to eat human flesh in my latest book “The Joy of Killing” available at any raider camp near you!

Why did you bump your own thread?

Hey that was der bump!

Where did you get the feral ghoul model? Thats so cool.

I want ghoul.