A few bugs [win / 649446]

Explosive charge doesn’t collide with doors, collides strangely with most building parts and standing too close when throwing it at a building makes it invisible.
Shoot wall to destroy it, build a new twig wall in same place, hit marker(s) still there. (Lagged a lot if done after firing ~100 bullets.)
Replacing equipped clothing with a non-clothing item in inventory removes item.
Assault Rifle can be fired before initial animation is done.
Weapon reload doesn’t cancel when weapon loses focus in hotbar.
TimeWarning: SteamNetworking.IsP2PPacketAvailable triggers in console whenever I request something in my web browser. (Running server on same computer, might have something to do with it.)
Destroying stone stairs with explosive charge spawns gibs pointing wrong rotation.
Pressing application when it’s unfocused in windowed mode causes an actual press in-game to be made.

I tried finding a more sophisticated way of reporting bugs but I couldn’t find any, http://support.facepunchstudios.com/feedback seems dead with the latest closed report being older than 2 months.
My apologies if any of these bugs are known already and/or if there’s a better way of reporting bugs.