A few bullet tests

This was the better one.

Now before you watch this, know that I don’t want you to criticize the obvious, such as greenscreen objects in front of real ones, Bullets being shot in greenscreen(The white lines appearing).

I know I’ve dun goof’d but that’s the main reason of tests right?.. Right?


For the second one, I don’t think it would really be necessary to have bullets like that unless it was in slomo…but the bullets themselves looked pretty cool :buddy:

Yeah the second one looked really odd.

for the second one I’d try greenscreening the runner against the backround of shooters rather than shooters against the runner

Well, I kinda figured that myself, I just wanted criticism on other things :I

I think the first one looked pretty good except of course for Breen being indifferent towards bullets hitting him in the gut, but I don’t think that was really art of the test.

The second one was odd, in that the bullets were very slow and somewhat ugly, and that the shooters were on top of the runner when the runner passed them.

Overall, if you’re going to use one, use the first one. Don’t bother with the second unless you