A few forum suggestions

The old forums had this, Things like chat-rooms and spam-sections help a few things such as:

1. New members and people with small questions that are not worthy of a post, Will most likely post here and keep a cleaner forum. This also means the overall forums file size ecosystem is reduced due to people using chat. You could even just delete every post from the Spam category after 100 days, This is a big brain move.

2. Front-Displayed forum ranking systems.
Things like post-counts directly below your avatar and not just on your profile ( 3 clicks away ) acted as a certain prestige, I know we have the badge system but you cant see it at first glance. this tiny decision of where it displays makes a big difference. it makes a better experience, Whilst it does fail in ways that it can encourage post-farming. It succeeds in quality control. a programmer with 1000s of post-count is more likely to continue to contribute higher quality information and solutions that people would support and bring to the top, when they post we listen. When the general public stumbles across multiple solutions they are likely to go with the more experienced advice and they choose that advice based on likes/post-count/account-age. This information is basically hidden away and only displayed on the profile when it would be better on the posts as well.

3. I struggle to find Garys news (a news section exists but not directly 1-click away on the forums.) I can use his post activity sure but non of it feels legit source-1 info and sbox.facepunch.com/news/ wasn’t that easy to discover. The sbox news just seems un-attached.

Gary if you are reading this I’m curios to ask why you mentioned hating Grid-based systems for HUD/UI. Since You won’t be using panorama anymore, I thought grid-systems where a god-send tool and great for UI efficiency / progress. enlighten me pls :eyes:

I don’t really see the need for chat rooms when we have the facepunch discord for casual talking about topics. This forum exists as a way for structured discussions about topics. As for spam posts, I don’t see a reason why we should encourage in any form, low-effort posts.

On the topic of ranking systems, most of the time visible ranking turns into people trying to show off their rank which usually leads to unnecessary drama. You’ve mentioned a system that is tied to post count, which does have the issues you’ve explained. Discourse uses a mix between account age and activity to decide upon roles, and these are viewable on the users’ profile, and do actually grant benefits for assisting in moderation. Regulars, for example, have a higher weight when flagging posts for removal and autoremoval. In some cases, they are also able to ban new users if a large diverse group of regulars reports them.

As for following garry, it would be nice to follow specific people with an activity feed. But right now the best you can do is follow commits, blogs, and read the posts they make every once in a while.