A few Half life pictures I took.

The first few are called Kieth Marshall you may have seen the wall that says “I am Kieth Marshall and am going to die here” so the character in the picture is Keith and he obviously found the apocalypse too stressful so he committed suicide And the next ones are the combine investigating the death (seems Kieth was important too them), well here they are




Tell me what you think!

turn your graphics up mate, you need to improve your posing too and in the last pictures there should be no npc’s bloody hell the camera angle is horrible too

Looking back on it the last one isn’t that good, there are too many bodies blown too bits! (and not enough blood!)

Congrats, you found the npc menu!

First thing first. Practice your posing. It is stiff and lifeless. Light and cam angles should come later.
Posing is a priority. I have spoken:black101:

XD, yer I got really annoyed while posing running actions, so I thought Ill put NPCs in. From now no one comment on the last on its shit I know!

lol, then why’d you post it if you knew it was?

No! I clearly said on the second post “looking back on it.” When I saw it on the thread it looked crap so I guess I did not really look at it properly before I uploaded it.


Dumb X8 WTF its my first time XD

We don’t have mercy for the first-timers.

Some tips: Don’t take many angles of your poses, use only one. Also, turn the graphics up, don’t use NPC’s and work on your posing.

Fix those, and you’ll get pretty far.

I started reading your comment and thought too myself “oh here we go.” However after reading on I found it useful… So… Thanks!

No probs. I like to be helpful.

A nostalgia trip back to 2007! Fantastic!

“I ever tell you about my buddy Keith and how he shot himself? One day we’re sitting in his apartment and then…”

"Move along."