A few ideas and a few "problems" I have with the game

Well first off I’d like to say for rust being in alpha it is an AMAZING game!

Before I go any further there is a bug, probably reported before, that I get when I’m running once in a while if I run off a rock/building etc. I start glitching and get kicked from the server. It has happened on multiple servers.

Now just a few things I came up noticed/came up with.

“Problems” With the bolt action
*It holds 3 shells but does not seem to have a clip of any kind, you just thumb the shells in the chamber.
Make it either a clip fed, tube fed, or a carcano style clip
*When reloading it doesn’t matter if you have 1,2, or no shells you always have the animation for 3 shells
Add a scrip to detect the amount of shells and only loop the animation for the amount of times needed to fill the clip
*The barely kept together look is great but on forend of the stock under the cloth that metal tube that seems to be welded to the gun makes no sense whatsoever
Whack that thing off of there

Ideas I have
*I’m always finding ammo for a gun I don’t want/don’t have yet
Allow players to tear apart shells for the main components, gunpowder and lead and allow us to smelt the lead into scrap
*When it gets dark I always have trouble finding my house that my friends and I have built
Add a flare gun that can be crafted and allows players to shoot a flare into the sky, it would be evenly balanced due to it allowing you to see your friends but also
Would allow others to see your location (possibly raiders)

That’s it for now as I come up with new ideas or “problems” I’ll add them to the post. Thanks For Reading :smiley:

“Breech-loading” is actually quite common in bolt and lever-action rifles, no issue with that. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoHdP4ZXowc or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCaTHmhqBOU

The non context-sensitive number of shells during a reload is a bit silly, but the same goes for the idiotic cycling of the action with the pistols and shotgun when the chamber is already loaded (very Hollywood, but basically stupid and unnecessary) If you want to get picky, almost all semi-auto pistols lock the slide back on the last shot, they don’t go “click-click” when you run out of rounds!

For bonus points, did you notice that the revolver always has all spent casings in it? (the primers have been hit on every cartridge in the cylinder!)

To be fair, these guys are 3D artists, and probably don’t know much about guns beyond movies and photos. :wink:

For the “dumb” downvote, WTF?? This is simply stating the facts about guns and how they work, not opinion!

Yeah I know about breach loading, I have a 6.5 carcano that’s a breach load, but if you watch the animation in the game it looks like the character is shoving the bullet backwards into the bolt, also the model itself appears to be single shot (no room in the bottom of the chamber for bullets)

Again: "To be fair, these guys are 3D artists, and probably don’t know much about guns beyond movies and photos. ;)"

Dont really see a problem with guns, they need a LOT of work but thats normal in an alpha so i think they are familiar with those problems,

The shells part is good i like that, that gives me the ability to finnaly get rid of al those shotgun shells.

But the flare… No thanks its a lot of fun that it is soo incredebly dark. you can move trough the rads very easy in a big populated server