a few ideas

i would upgrade the stealth element of the game, i know its only alpha and it will probably be done, but i just wanted to post my ideas. so:

1.crawling. that would make your footsteps completely silent, would be useful against armed players to whom you could just sneak up with a hatchet at night

2.camouflage armor. to make you less visible while crawling in grass

3.binoculars. to make you able to see from far away, measure distance ?

and there have to be balance, so a few ideas to protect against “ninjas”:

1.thistles or any spiky flowers. you plant them. crawling in that would not be an good idea. if someone goes in them you can hear their screams :p(that’s how Scottish clans knew someone attacked them), or maybe they get damaged or bleed on ground

2.broken glass. same idea as above but does more damage than sound

3.i dont know the name for this trap but it looks like this:

its the trap that i seen in films. and to escape it you would have to for example hit it with hatchet 50 times

i also got idea for a weapon:

1.Blowpipe. silent poisoning weapon to kill targets silently

and thats it. what do you think ?