A Few Ideas

I’ll start off by saying I just got Rust two days ago, so I apologize if what i’m about to say has already been said or seems ignorant. Also I’m not sure what kind of or how much work would go into these ideas, but I figured I’d post them and see what people think.

1- An accurate sky: There are people out there who can navigate by the stars, Polaris at the very least. An accurate sky would help a lot with navigation. Either that or have a craftable compass. (I like the first one better)
2- Craftable radios: Not sure what kind of backing this would get or even how much work it would take for this to be a reality, but being able to craft a radio and porting music from your computer would be an interesting addition to a base. (There is a Skyrim mod that does this, so I’m pretty sure it would be possible for Rust)
3- Lanterns run on animal fat: Wood is already used for so many things, plus it seems more feasible to me to use fat for a lantern.
4- Lantern hooks: Craftable hooks that can be attached to a wall or ceiling so you can hang your lanterns instead of placing them on the ground.

You have very good ideas, especially the second one about radios. I’d love to see those in the game!


Just an addition to #2, an accurate night sky would not only help with navigation within the game, but also give a fun context in which to learn a valuable life skill. Lifeboat navigation has saved many lives. Perhaps we could add a craftable sextant as well?

Bump :slight_smile: I’d love to hear some more thoughts on this