A few issues I have run into

My movement has a 15 second delay(Yes I counted) from button presses, but my turning and swings are not having any issues and everything is moving as it should(animals, the zombies, etc), I cant see my action bars, nor my top bar in the inventory, cant see my health or anything. In a sense my entire GUI is missing other then the inventory slots and I cant walk right. Another issue is that I cant change the graphics, so if there is anything I can do to fix this, please tell me. I have already cleared my internet cache and tried on firefox and chrome, same issue. Also its not an issue with java, unity player or my computer specs. My connection shouldn’t be an issue as well. As an added bonus, I cant even use chat… This is getting ridiculous.

You are using an intergrated Graphics card.It is a known issue and most likely won’t be fixed.

Thats not the issue, this started after the wipe. The GUI is still missing, that’s the main issue, the buttons are still there, but not showing, the movement is also an issue.


I understand, BUT do you have an integrated graphics card there, along with maybe another one?

Are you having this issue?

As this is what I am having, and I have an Intel HD Graphics card too.

Pressing ‘TAB’ or ‘I’ will bring that up, but otherwise buttons like ‘T’ and ‘ENTER’ to chat simply unlock my mouse, with ‘ESC’ doing the same, not allowing me into the menu or to type a message.

I’ve not experienced this with other Unity apps so this is a first for my Intel.

Only have 1 and I know that’s not an issue. Already found that solution, but I am a programmer and this is still confusing me. Yes, that is the issue, but its on my desktop, I can run skyrim on max settings, with increased hd textures and get 60FPS, so its not a lag issue or memory issue, its more like a server delay on movement and the GUI is missing.

Getting an actual GPU might help. Integrated graphics usually cause problems with any game.

Well I will mess around with some things, I just find it odd that I can run at 60fps, everything moves normally, but the GUI is missing, chat is missing, and my movement is delayed.

That is the problem: Its a Laptop :[
I suppose I’ll just wait this out personally, but I’ll keep reading what happens here with Archadeas.

And magically as if the server fix was the solution, I can play, no delay, no missing GUI. I was getting worried that my Amd Radeon HD 7770 wasn’t enough to handle this… see everyone in game… its hatchet time.