A few item glitches

Being an avid crafter and having a full inventory a lot, I discovered a few problems.

  • If your inventory is full, and you pick up an item off the ground (dropped), it DISAPPEARS. :frowning: Lost forever. Happens this way, every single time.

  • Attempting to refill bullets (priming/capping) that are in your belt, while your inventory is full, makes the bullet casing/primed bullet disappear. If you have a free inventory slot, and you do this, the primed/finished bullet simply replaces into your inventory. But since it is full, it disappears.

  • As of now, armor is bugged… you cannot equip it. If you were wearing it before, you are still wearing it, but you can’t equip it back. Started only today.

  • I did… something… that made me get 36 Weapon Part 7’s. Yeah. Thirty-six. Worth over 600 metal each. It involved trying to craft two, with the appropriate amount of metal (~1300, several stacks), and the part’s blueprint. Three stacks showed up in the 12-slot field along my metal. I tried recreating the exploit, but I only managed to get one full stack of WP7’s each craft. And it took way less metal than it should have (it did something really weird; it turned all but one 250 stack in 122, and a 120ish stack into 60). I think the blueprint or workbench is bugged; it might also work with WP6’s, but I haven’t had issues crafting other Weapon Parts. Really, really weird. And I also now have more metal than I know what to do with.

  • If in the middle of crafting, you place an additional item into the workbench (it’s possible!), the crafting goes to 100%… then fails. No item is produced. (Cannot remove an item from workbench, however)

Edit: Some images of the hilarity that is the WP7 bug.

Edit: Can’t use medkits while scoped.

Most have these issues have been fixed and will make it into the new build later tonight, Thanks for posting them!

Bug I mentioned earlier: If you don’t have a slot, but want to pick up a stackable item that can add into a stack you already have, it fails. If you have a spare slot, the item stacks in, and the slot is still free.

Also, are you planning on making items pick up into your belt? I think that’s a fine idea.