A few linux rust client problems.

I m currently testing the client under linux (fedora 23 kernel 4.4.4, also tested in arch -> same problems), I m using opengl, galium 0.4 with the open source amdgfx driver (radeon r9 280, AMD FX 9590, 16gb ram). The game is performing good, all is working, but I have some strange colors especially with the sun and some textures (purple hands, the trees…) I attach some pictures that show what happen. And another problem is that I can t use 123456789 on the keyboard to change items. Anyone with a fix for those problems?



I also use the Linux client with Fedora 23, but I don’t face these issues. It seems like the problem is coming from your graphic drivers. (I personally have an Nvidia GPU and I use the proprietary drivers)

Have you already tried to use other graphic drivers?

For the numbers to quickly access your belt, are they correctly configured in your options? (Slot 1-8)

Thanks for replying, yes it s probably related with the amdgfx driver which is pretty new for the 3d rendering part, the proprietary driver is now dead, no update, it ll not be included (distributed) in any distribution in the future, and that s a good thing, fglrx has always been awful… Amd has made some part open source since kernel 4.x, and the free driver is now really nice, most of opengl games run better than with fglrx, and it s easily most stable. Rust is the only game with colors problems (and it s really just colors, but thats annoying for my favorite game :slight_smile: ) I think it s probably related with unity games, I don t have other to test. I wanted to know if there was some hidden options to tweak this, I m searching but no luck…
For 1 & 2 é3" 4’ keys, I don t know why, but when I change them I can t configure them, they re simply ignored, I ll look at the config file to manually write them, that s not really important right now

Yes, it works for me and I never had to change the options or make any other change to have it working.
Are the buttons correctly configured in your options?

Here is what I see in my options: (I didn’t try to change it to see if the changes are applied)

For me, these keys are unusable, all the others are working, in the settings (in game) they re simply not working with caps-lock or not (the numpad is working too). Probably because I m with an AZERTY keyboard (I m french that s why my english is so bad). I ll try this night to hardcode them in the config file.

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But you seem to be in France or in Switzerland, probably with AZERTY too… Strange, my keys works in all others games… What s your config in fedora? I m with 109 key français (variante)

No, in fact in live in Switzerland so I have a QWERTZ keyboard (I have a french flag when I’m connected via VPN to my dedicated server. It is hosted by OVH)

Ok thanks, so that s probably an AZERTY problem with the linux client (config ingame, not tested hardcoded yet, hello facepunch, easy to fix). I was looking in unity features for the colors but nothing that I can see is unsupported by the driver, perhaps the compute shaders but is this colors related (and it s mostly a completed feature now) … not sure… And bioshock infinite for exemple use most of the capability of my card with no problem. I ll try the amdgfx driver mailing list to see if I can find a player.

Tested hardcoded in the conf file -> doesn’t work. they re dead keys with an azerty layout. Working if I change keyboard to US, but if I want to type in the chat…

And the dazzling blue/purple sky with white and brown tree

I made a post on the Xorg ML… I wish I ll find a fix, my last windows workstation is definitively formatted! Thank you Yann

You could try running in wine, that’s what I do. Less fps but more stability. :confused:

I’m running a gtx 970 and an fx9590 in bodhi linux and I do not get the problems you do even when I run the native app. So I’m guessing this is AMD card related?

Yes this is an msi (amd) r9 280x, I ve no stability problem so far, just some textures colors problems and my azerty keyboard for items switch with numbers, and wine … for a game, no thanks :slight_smile: , I m not a real hardcore gamer but I like when things work. like this it s playable, made a 4h party last night without problems @ 45 - 60 fps @ 1080p, pretty good, with the right texture all of the time it would be perfect.
Thank you

That’s badass. Just leave it
It’s like tron in rust world lol