A few map/addon requests.

OK, who here has played Metal Gear Solid 2? C’mon people, raise your hands… I’m just going to assume you raised your hands because I am not a mind reader. Well, remember the second part of the game? The big shell part? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a map of that? Think about it, it would be VERY complicated to make, but imagine how fun it would be. You could use it for multiple things, depending on how the map was made, Trouble In Terrorist Town, DeathMatch, Zombie Survival, Flood, RP, etc; The possibilities are endless! If you want to see the main layout of the Big Shell, click the following links.

Layout of One of the shells: Here

Google SketchUp Image: Here

Game Image: Here

Next, is a request that is a lot easier than the last, but still may be difficult. I like the idea of hidden or secret underground/underwater facilities, such as the Construct Conspiracy and Flatgrass Conspiracy maps, I was quite intrigued by both, and I see quite the lack of things like that on the site. I’d like to see more of those around, because they are great for Machinima videos, RolePlay, and sometimes DeathMatch and Trouble in Terrorist Town.

My final request, is for more MP3 addons, such as FuriousMP3, which allows you to listen to music while playing, without as much lag as keeping Windows Media Player or VLC open in the background, but it still causes a bit. Why not just use FuriousMP3? Well, the problem is, half of the songs I try to use don’t work for some reason, and I use them outside of the game, no problem. Also, remember to not make it in script form, as Script Enforcer will block it on most servers, I’ve encountered that problem with other MP3 addons.

I know I’m asking a lot for these, but I just love maps and addons that I know I’ll use more than once, and when they work very well. Thanks for actually reading this far if you did, and for putting up with me. (Also, I’m new to the forums, and I probably posted this in the wrong place, so sorry if I did :slight_smile: -rrod197