A few mapping questions

I want too ask a few questions; How do You make the player start with no weapons in a Garry’s Mod map? How can I make NPC spawners? like in a survival map? And how do I make a text appear onscreen when the player walks through a trigger?

You place a weapon stripper.



Use the Megathread next time.


I just fucking answered all your questions and gave you a simple recommendation to stop you from spamming the section with help threads, and you reply with this? You’re gonna fit right in!


dont encourage him

I was answering “meh” as in response to telling me to use the maga-thread next time. but thanks anyway.

It’s rude. You could’ve said “thanks, will do”. Don’t act like that.

Soon you will learn how much of a bitch we can all be when you aren’t polite.


oh the irony

I can’t stop laughing

This thread gave me cancer.

Oh please do explain.

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If you’re still on that Jorpakko thing then you obviously still can’t tell a sarcastic post from a real one.