A few more again.

These are like weeks old, as I haven’t had very much time to do anything with GMod, been busy with band stuff.




Tried to make a cinematic pic:


I dunno:


Soldiers fighting off-screen dinosaur-riding Geth. Yes, Urbanator, your picture was fucking awesome.



War. War never changes.


Players and admins assaulting the last Mingebag stronghold:



Goddammit, stop being awesome.

Yay, you used my models.

The explosions in the last picture are really bad, the rest is great.

How. And why.

The edges are too hard. They just seem unfitting.

Hm. But if I’d made the edges softer, they would have looked even worse.

Looks fine to me. Probably too much glow or not bluring the explosion. But it’s neat, at least that counts?

Last few screenshots were good. And the last screenshoot’s explosions look a bit too fluid.


It’s like lava

I agree about the explosions on the last one but it’s probably some unfortunate circumstance because on most of your other pictures the explosions look really great.

Overall, every picture had me going “woah” which i guess is a very good thing man, well done!

I love the colors in your pictures.

how a nice , lol

I didn’t realise this was a Joazzz thread until I looked at the name. The pictures are unusually low in quality considering the success of your last two or three threads.

The first two are nice scenebuids but greatly lack atmosphere because they are so bright and white. All of the smoke and blood looks very pasted on and 2D and the blood especially looks like some lazy brush work. The impact wounds are nicely detailed but look like some brittle object like wood instead of the soft material that they should be.

The third picture is really cool. Nice, atmospheric lighting. I love the exaggerated bloom and the posing and faceposing are both good and dynamic.

The dusty explosion in the picture with the robot dudes is good and the sparks and tracers are okay. The impact in the background is bearable although somewhat 2D - it needs more colour and shading and highlighting. The motion-blur was sloppily done with some very hard edges. Overall the picture is quite empty although the posing is nice enough.

Nice effects and lighting in the Urbanator-style picture but the isolation is dodgy in places and the camera angle is… just messed up. Lots of wasted space on the botton-left.

The Francis picture is okay. Nothing much to mention here although I guess some shading under the cap would have been good.

The next one is nice. I love the combination of models and the scenebuild. The lighting and atmosphere are nice too although the way the weapon is being held with one hand looks awkward.

The concept, posing and building in the last picture are pretty cool but, as stated by most already, those explosions are pretty terrible. I’m sure you must know that though and know how to rectify that because I have seen you do much better even in the very same thread.

Ha, I like how you continued my lazer beam. Very cool!
These pics aren’t as spectacular as your other recent threads, but its still got some cool stuff. The marines fighting the offscreen Geth/dinos is my fav. :stuck_out_tongue:

Metallica FTW!!!

The first two remind me of District




Lol explosionsandgore.

Colorful and awesome. Love it.

Last one made me laugh really hard.