A few n00bish questions...

Hi there! I’m a very new Gmod user, having gotten the game under two weeks ago, and I’ve downloaded a bunch of addons and such so far. I say this because my hud randomly changed one day, and the cl_drawhud 0 command does not work for when I want it disabled. I’m assuming I accidentally installed this new hud which came with an addon, but yeah…it’s really annoying to know that it’s not the normal one, and that I can’t get rid of it (with the cl_drawhud 0 command, I mean–I know how to delete addons XD And the problem is that I’m not sure which addon it is that did this). D: Can anyone please identify what this is? I mean, it might just be something I derpily activated that’s easy to change but yeah…since I’m new, I’m not sure. XD

I’m gonna link you so the image doesn’t absorb your entire screen.

My second question is that can you save a pose of a ragdoll and transfer it onto another? I’m lookin’ to animate stuff and I was wondering if it was possible to duplicate poses, basically. I’m using Video Assistant 4 for the animation, and I would just use the save and load feature, but I have no idea how to use it and I’ve tried looking for an explanation, only to come across nothing useful. I’m guessing there’s not really anything that can save a pose, or transfer it to another ragdoll, on account of how rigging and joints and stuff vary and won’t be in the same place for every ragdoll, especially since I’m using a downloaded one. Anyway. I’ll stop rambling. xD

Thanks for reading.

Go find the addon in the addons folder and delete it. As for the poses, the statue tool is close enough, I guess.

If I knew what the addon was, I would delete it. I asked if anybody knew what the addon was, or if it was something else that I may have done which could have been solved with another console command or something. And no…that’s not what I mean. Dx Thanks anyway.

Looks like the FEAR hud replacement. Look for that in your addons. And no, it’s not possible to duplicate the same pose on different ragdolls instantly. You have to pose each ragdoll with the phys gun.

Oh, well that would make sense! I do have FEAR, so yeah, I’ll get rid of that. XD Thanks so much.

Yeah, I thought that was probably the case. Dx Oh well. Thanks again!