A few of my recent work on the theme of Second World War.

Nazi secret weapon.

German motorized infantry.



American airborne in ambush

The 4th and the last picture I like, good post editing. Where is that wall from in the 4th picture from? I’ve been looking for a not too modern destroyed wall.

What model is that in the first two pictures?

the gun is the minigun turrent on the warthogs from halo, the actual humanoid itself looks like modern, might be from the latest wolfenstein game.

Post editing friendly lighting setup is very sexceptional.




Why the fuck?

That’s just a bike for driving off road, and not a tank :v:

This wall I take from the content of the game Dino D-Day.

nope, the armor suit is from FEAR 2

Huh. Never seen it around.

Has it been released or is it one of those works in progress that will never be finished?

Yes, that one is just reskinned.

it’s been around for a while, i think it was first uploaded on S-Low’s playermodel site years ago

Where can I find that reskin?

Expression of the guy on the right in second pic, excellently captured. The dark shadow over his eye eloquently captures a surprise moment.

The turret is from Halo 3 mounted ones, not the Warthog ones, and the soldier looks like from a F.E.A.R game (i think the 2). I loved the Stalingrad and Airborne pictures, nice job man

Why Red Army’s soldiers armed with Kar98k?

Maybe they took it from dead Wehrmacht soldiers?

He probably made them himself. Ask him, not us.