A few peaceful scenebuilds

Make scenebuilds, not war!




All done in GM_Buildgrass. The second one isn’t that much of a scenebuild, but… meh.

Pretty cool

Pretty great.

Oh, I forgot the originals. Here:


first is only good one

Great job, I like the first picture, in that scene you made a very good view on landscape with minimum number of props.

First one really reminds me of my favorite spot in ArmA II.
Nice job.

The shoddy models impair the final two pictures but the first one is quite nice.

Give me better dinosaur models then.

And that totally tells me what is wrong in the two other pics.

And that’s not an excuse. If there are only shitty models, don’t use them.

I already mentioned the reason why.

I like them. I wish I could scenebuild forests, I can only scenebuild post-apocalyptic Russia :frowning:

But I Raptors, Rexes and Triceras are getting so boring :saddowns:

Oh yes it is. A bad one.

Very green. Very peaceful. But that is just until the T-Rex shows up.
Dinos are a bit low quality but decent work all around.