A few pictures with Alyx




Rate & comment pls.

Holy shit the third one is amazing

the second one.
what the fuck.

They all look very nice.

Clothing textures are very odd.

didn’t you post these before.

Third one was already posted.
They all look nice though.

I like the 3rd most…
but they are all nice.

I remember last time you posted the third, and I maintain that it is one of the better pictures posted in this section over the last few years

I like the second because it doesn’t look like Alyx and looks like a filipino girl/woman. Third one’s nice 'cause it is posed quite naturally. First one’s nice because of posing. It’s like a fashion commercial or some model on numerous brands. The textures look odd at times, though.

Also, MadCopter, are you someone who was here, on FP, long time ago and had to get a new account? Or are you brand new? Because the style of pictures is similar to someone else (not calling plagerism). Either way nice pictures.


The third one is amazing.

No, that’s my first and only FP account :slight_smile:

All the screenshots are alright. The second picture is somehow bothering me, maybe it’s the phong.

Oh yea, thanks everybody for comments, criticism and ratings

Smoke looks really great in the third one.